Thousands of people risk lives sailing from Bay of Bengal

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Thousands of people desperate for peace and a better life elsewhere continue to risk their lives by crossing the Bay of Bengal, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). They include the Rohingya people who fled Myanmar when inter-communal violence erupted there two years ago. UNHCR has expressed concern about reports of growing abuse and exploitation by smugglers who transport these people by boat. To find out more about the people who continue to risk their lives crossing the Bay of Bengal, Derrick Mbatha spoke to Vivian Tan, UNHCR spokesperson based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The CTBTO’s headquarters are at the Vienna International Centre. UN Photo/Mark Garten

UN body reports signal trace from Malaysia Airlines flight

A trace signal from the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 which disappeared in March may have been found by the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO). The organization had originally said there was no trace of the disappeared plane on its International Monitoring System, which is used to scrutinize the earth, sea and air for potential nuclear detonations. But now it is working with Australia’s Curtin University to examine data, which may ultimately reveal the location of the missing plane. Cristina Silveiro asked Marc Prior, a seismic acoustic officer at CTBTO in Vienna about the new data.

Susan McDade. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Clean energy “made in China” has helped lift millions out of poverty

China has done more than any other country to lift millions of people out of poverty, according to the Country Action Team leader in the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative. Rural households in developing countries are using solar and wind energy made in China as a motor for development. The price of these renewable energy technologies has dropped fast in the last 20 years, partly because China invests, manufactures and exports the technologies on a large scale to other countries. However, Chinese companies have been criticized for not doing enough to preserve the environment in countries where they fund big projects and for always bringing in their own labour force. Susan McDade from the SE4All Initiative sat down with Jocelyne Sambira to discuss how the reduced price of renewable energy has impacted Africa.

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