Statement by President Barroso following the meeting withBrazil’s President Dilma Rousseff

European Commission


Brussels, 18 July 2014

Statement by President Barroso following the meeting withBrazil’s President Dilma Rousseff

Today President Barroso met the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, in Alvorada Palace in Brasilia.

At the end of the meeting, President Barroso stated that “the European Union (EU) and Brazil are building, since 2007, a solid strategic partnership based on an intense political dialogue and on the sharing of common values.”

Trade and economic relations are an important lever of this partnership. Brazil is the eight trading partner of the EU and the EU is Brazil’s largest trading and investment partner. President Barroso said that “a EU-Mercosur trade cooperation agreement is a priority to strengthen the preferential access to both our markets by European and Brazilian companies”.

In this context, President Barroso reaffirmed “the commitment of the two sides to continue working in order to have a first exchange of offers as soon as possible.”

The topic of internet governance has been also discussed, particularly regarding the results of NETMundial meeting. “We converge on the need to promote a multistakeholder model of governance”.

President Barroso also added that both sides need to cooperate more on the global challenges, such as climate changes, sustainable development and peace and security”.

In this context the President declared: “We expressed our concern and consternation with the Malaysia Airlines plane crash which killed 298 people. We agree on the urgency of an independent investigation that could determine the causes of this tragic event. We also converge on the need of an immediate ceasefire, the end of violence and the implementation of the Peace Plan presented by President Poroschenko.”

Finally, President Barroso congratulated President Dilma and the Brazilian people for organizing and hosting FIFA’s World Cup 2014! “A major festival of sport and union among the peoples. The World Cup has been a unique opportunity to position the modern Brazil at the centre of the world.

It is this Brazil that we want as our partner – modern, confident and open to the world!