If People Realized the Scarily High Number of Online Threats Out There, Everybody Would Use YAC

SAO PAULO, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — YAC neutralizes 9.8 million unwanted infections on your computer – and it’s totally free to download. YAC, created by Elex do Brasil Participacoes Ltda Technology Inc., focuses on protecting browser security. It has functions to protect from bad browser plug-ins and malware, with home page protection and service protection.

“In 2013… 77% of legitimate websites had exploitable vulnerabilities” – Symantec

Threats exist everywhere online. A recent report by the Symantec Corporation estimated that 77% of legitimate web sites have vulnerabilities. That means that hackers can plant malicious software on those sites. When you innocently browse them, that software gets downloaded to your computer. You may never know when your computer has been taken over by a bot that is under the control of a criminal who may be thousands of miles away on a different continent.

  • 1 in 566 sites will attempt to download malware when browsed
  • 891 vulnerabilities were found in the Top 5 browsers in 2012 – exploitable for malware
  • 70% of Java browser plugins were found to have vulnerabilities in Feb 2013

When the YAC team receives feedback from users, they find that there is a surprising number of bots bothering them. At best, they can have a very negative effect on a user’s browsing experience. At worst, they enable your computer to be controlled remotely. YAC provides the corresponding solutions: adware cleanup, junk cleanup, plugin cleanup, software residual junk cleanup, memory optimization, bad review software uninstall, and malware startup interception.

The mission of the YAC team is to provide a safe surfing environment for the millions of PC users out there. YAC continues to grow in functionality to meet the ever growing number of online threats. By providing a totally free solution, YAC wants to spread the word that help is at hand.

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