Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister Abbott of Australia

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

July 24, 2014

President Obama spoke with Australian Prime Minister Abbott again this evening to discuss Malaysia Airlines flight 17.  The President thanked Prime Minister Abbott for Australia’s leadership on this issue, including for Australia’s willingness to send investigators to the crash site as well as federal police if necessary.  The two leaders agree that a prompt, full, unimpeded and transparent international investigation is an imperative, and they expressed their resolve to push for full, immediate, and secure access for international investigators to the crash site.  The President underscored that the U.S. will continue to support and coordinate closely with Australia, including at the United Nations Security Council, as this issue moves forward.

IoT Coming to An Office (or School) Near You

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Clarinox Technologies, a leading provider of wireless protocol stack software, is pleased to have provided Clarinox™Blue Smart Ready protocol stack on the Texas Instruments(TI) WiLink™ 8 p…

Automation Helps United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Managing Multi-Region Operations

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — InfrasoftTech announced that UNRWA’s Microfinance Department, has gone live on OMNIEnterprise Microfinance Solution in four territories of its operations.

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The Microfinance department at UNRWA wanted a highly scalable Lending Management solution to reengineer business processes, optimize infrastructure costs, improve credit control, reduce multi-currency losses and seamlessly comply with financial & regulatory guidelines. The solution was to be rolled out across four territories, namely West Bank, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Gaza and Syria.

OMNIEnterprise has helped UNRWA to manage multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-lingual setup. It provides comprehensive functionality covering – Client Management, Credit scoring & Poverty indexing, Multiple Loan Types (individual, solidarity group lending, micro-enterprise, small enterprise, consumer, housing, women household, youth projects, poultry farming, making closets / furniture, support family income) Portfolio Management, Repayment, Collateral, Collection & Recovery, ABB, Remittances, PDC, Source of funds, GL, Fixed Assets, Reconciliation, Charges, Reports and Centralized BOD and EOD processes. The project offers one of the best case study of cloud based service delivery. The solution is hosted in Italy and the users from all 4 regions access it over secured internet connection.

Speaking on the occasion, Hani Cordiya, the Project Manager, stated, “We are confident to achieve our stated business objectives on implementation of InfrasoftTech’s solution, which is to see improvement in operations and enhancement in productivity. InfrasoftTech has worked with us truly like partners for the entire duration of this project and we look forward to their continued support to us.”

Ms. Jane Giacaman, Chief, Microfinance Operations at UNRWA, said, “It has been an important milestone for us to achieve complete automation of our operations in these regions. Beyond automation, the solution would help us streamline our processes. Having established a robust core platform, we now are looking to initiatives like offering savings products.”

Mr. Hanuman Tripathi, Founder & Group Managing Director, InfrasoftTech, said, “We are very glad to see that our software platform is being used by UNRWA to better the lives of millions of people. It is an honour to have worked with a UN agency providing technology for a socially relevant cause. We thank UNRWA in supporting us to implement the software solution in some of the most challenging regions in the world today.”

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DLDwomen 2014: Be Relevant!

MUNICH, July 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Around 500 guests gathered in Munich’s Haus der Kunst (House of Art) for the fifth conference  
  • Female opinion leaders, board members and the digital elite discussed future topics  

Today was the final day of the fifth DLDwomen conference, this year held under the banner of “Relevance!”. DLDwomen explored a female perspective on the digital age and its influence on life and society. This year’s conference featured interesting debates as well as practical instructions presented through more than 15 workshops.

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“We wanted to make the conference even more practically relevant by introducing workshops and business-related topics, and this concept has paid off entirely. Demand was high, and the workshops were booked out almost instantly. The topic of coding was so popular that we offered two additional sessions,” commented the organiser, Steffi Czerny.

And what would a DLD event be without surprises? Ilse Aigner (CSU), Minister of State for Technology in Bavaria, unexpectedly appeared on the DLDwomen stage at noon on the second day of the conference. She promised: Bavaria is to become more digital.

Other topics that were discussed at DLDwomen 2014 include:  


John Gerosa, Sales Director at Google Germany, and Ana-Cristina Grohnert of Ernst & Young talked about the future of management, together with Professor Isabell Welpe from the TU Munchen. The most important aspect: inclusion – of women in particular. “Mixed-gender teams simply deliver better work,” Gerosa explained. Grohnert’s secret: “Understand what your employees think and feel. That’s what has helped me get where I am today.”


Will we all have to learn how to program? We certainly should, said the participants of the “It’s all about coding” panel – Jocelyn Leavitt, Rachel Swidenbank and Kristen Titus, presented by Susann Remke, Office Manager at Burda in New York and foreign correspondent for Focus. What can programming do for me? Codecademy’s Rachel Swidenbank had a straightforward answer: “Programming is becoming a key qualification.” She tells us about a customer whose salary doubled thanks to his new skill.

Entrepreneurship / The workplace of the future  

“Many people shy away from starting a business, because they are afraid that it will drive them into a dead end,” Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Professor of Finance at the TU Munchen, explained. “We’re lagging far behind Silicon Valley.” Antonella Mei-Pochtler of the Boston Consulting Group emphasised: “Entrepreneurs must be allowed to make mistakes. We need to teach this to our kids at a very early stage.” According to Jaleh Bisharat, the age of commuting is drawing to a close. She works for the Elance-oDesk job platform, which recruits workers from all over the world. Her vision: work will no longer be location-dependent in the future. Digital work can be carried out anywhere with an Internet connection.

Branding / E-Commerce  

“We are indeed living in the digital age,” conceded Stephanie Phair, head of a digital fashion platform. Nonetheless, her company has just published a print magazine. She is convinced that her customers will continue to enjoy printed materials in the future. Miroslava Duma is one of the first fashion bloggers who has successfully made money from her blog. “We were the first platform in Russia to sell advertising to huge brands like Armani or Adidas. Many people are craving new fashion. Brands have begun to understand that blogs can satisfy those cravings, and we have benefitted from that.” Duma and Margherita Missoni (from the fashion label of the same name) admit: “We simply allow people to believe that we are providing them with insight into our world through media such as Facebook or Instagram. But in actual fact, we precisely control the way in which we present ourselves there.”


Hildegard Wortmann, Design Manager at BMW, presented models from the new electric car range, “i”. The automotive world has been holding its breath for these new BMW models for quite a while. Its customers have been waiting for two whole years. “We had 1.3 million Facebook fans before anyone had ever seen an i3 or an i8,” Wortmann explained. “Tesla has made electric mobility sexy.” And yet: there is a difference between selling a couple of thousand cars and selling one hundred thousand cars.

HR / Further education  

Gabriele Zedlmayer from the IT giant HP explained what young people are going to need in the future if they want to embark on a career: “Future-oriented organisations are not just looking at candidates’ degrees any more; they’re looking at their knowledge.” Even education will be influenced by digitalisation. “Tablets will soon be an integral part of the school curriculum,” claimed Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, State Secretary at the Ministry of Education. But in order for that to work, “we need professional teachers in Europe who can handle
digital lessons.”

Find more information about the programme and the speakers at DLDwomen 2014 here:

Graphic material about the conference is available at You can view a film about DLDwomen 2014 here:


Women make two thirds of all purchase decisions, are increasingly involved in digital communications and have skills that are indispensable in the digital economy: understanding women and making the most of their opportunities is highly relevant for organisations and brands. That is why Hubert Burda Media created DLDwomen, a journalistic conferencing platform that provides an open-minded and creative atmosphere for discussing the role of women in the digital age, market shifts and social change from a female perspective.

DLD is an international conference and innovation platform organised by Hubert Burda Media. DLD Media holds Europe’s leading digital conference, DLD and DLDwomen, along with international networking events in hubs such as Palo Alto, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro und Peking. In addition to the conference content, DLD media produces publications, online and video media and research studies, offers consultancy services to DLD’s partner companies, start-ups, investors and institutions. Its Managing Director is Stephanie Czerny, who co-founded the DLD Conference in 2005.

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