ETCN is the Leading Advisor to the China Consulting Industry

BEIJING, August 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ETCN provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of China trade data with extensive historical time series and forecasts. It is the only website authorized by the General Administration of Customs of P.R. China to provide the most comprehensive China customs information in English.

Export to China

In the six years that we have been in full operation, our website has had more than 10 million visits, and has more than 10,000 paid members in 127 countries.

In early August this year, the company has independently researched and developed the DTS Data-Driven Trade Decision Support System.

Evaluation by clients shows that ETCN’s DTS System is better than its competitors on reliability, ease-of-use and timeliness.


  1. Extensive and historical yearly data available starting from 2003
  2. For all databases, raw input data is directly collected from customs
  3. Dedicated team with extensive experience in the imports & exports statistics industry and data analysis
  4. Data updated monthly, with updates available throughout the year
  5. Dedicated and experienced staff to adequately and instantaneously process the data

User Friendly

  1. Data distributed via Hadoop platform for true “big data” storage and processing solution
  2. Client (off-line) or web based applications available
  3. 24/7 high quality customer service support available
  4. Key functions can be customized to customer requirements

We welcome everyone to experience our products and services.

An online demonstration with a limited dataset will be available when you need. Please email any such request to [email protected], and we will get back to you soon.

CONTACT: Eureka, +86-135-8163-8550, [email protected]

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