OCSiAl enters Chinese Market with 100-kg contract for single wall carbon nanotubes

— The world’s leader in SWCNT manufacturing continues to advance into Asian markets

SHANGHAI, Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — OCSiAl has entered into a 100-kg supply agreement with one of the key players in Chinese nanoindustry. This outstanding contract adds on recently announced MoU for bulk deal in Korea expanding the presence of SWCNT leading manufacturer in Asia-Pacific.

The deals are crucial for SWCNT market, as they reflect the fundamental change in previously dormant sector, which hardly totaled 500 kg a year. By now, OCSiAl’s portfolio of contracts for 2015 exceeds what was known a market maximum and keeps on growing. "Apparently, doubling or tripling the market is a matter of time today it is clear as never before," says Grigory Gurevich, VP, OCSiAl (Marketing and Sales). "We managed to merge the advantages of premium SWCNT material and truly affordable prices into viable commercial product with literally enormous scope of application. We now face the demand that surpasses even our optimistic forecasts  we plan to increase production by 10 times to fill all the current orders. Luckily our technology is easily scalable."

Grigory also made a point of exceptional importance of Asian markets for OCSiAl business considering them ultra-promising and dynamic. "As China and Korea are experiencing phenomenal growth we see tremendous potential for our products here. We are constantly carrying out R&D works, and designing new formulations to offer our Asian partners both unquestionable quality and economic feasibility of Tuball branded SWCNT. And we invite everybody, who is interested in nanotube technology, to visit our booths at upcoming exhibitions CNIBF and China Composites."

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