East Asia and the Pacific: Associate Resettlement Officer – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Application Deadline: March 20th 2015

Applications must be emailed to [email protected] by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on the date indicated in order to be considered. Thank you.

How to Apply:

Please note that PRM-sponsored JPO positions are open to U.S. Citizens only.

Applicants must submit a completed United Nations Personal History form (UN P-11) via email to [email protected] by the deadline noted above. The UN P-11 form is available for download from the UNHCR website at http://www.unhcr.org/recruit/p11new.doc. PRM will accept the UN P-11 form without a signature. If desired, you may also submit a resume or curriculum vitae and letter of interest. Please specify the position for which you are applying in the Subject line of the email (i.e. Associate Protection Officer – Kabul, AFGHANISTAN). You must send a separate email and application for each position for which you are qualified and wish to be considered. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions on the PRM website.

PRM Notes:

• For more information about UNHCR’s operations at this post, please visit the UNHCR website at www.unhcr.org.

• University degree in (International) Law, with at least 2 years of relevant experience. Advanced degree strongly preferred.

• Experience in refugee work or humanitarian work desirable.

• Strong working knowledge of a second UN language (French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, or Russian) in addition to English is highly desirable for participation in the JPO program.

• JPO contracts are initially issued for one (1) year and then renewed. American JPOs are expected to serve a complete (2) two-year JPO term.

• The JPO job description and related information below are provided by UNHCR.

Associate Resettlement Officer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Job Description (JPO)


Title: Associate Resettlement Officer

Sector: Resettlement Unit

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Duration of the assignment: 1 Year renewable (total of 2 years)


Supervisor: Jaylene Quemin, Resettlement Officer

Title of other international staff members in same duty station: Representative, 02 Senior Protection Officers, Senior Programme Officer, Administrative Officer, Registration Officer, Refugee Status Determination Officer, 2 Associate Refugee Status Determination Officers.

Content and methodology of the supervision:

Under the direct supervision of the resettlement officer, the incumbent will undertake a comprehensive briefing and induction that shall cover all aspects of group and individual resettlement processes. Towards the end of the first quarter it is expected that the incumbent will draft individual RRFs for submission to resettlement countries at the rate of 4-6 per week and across a number of nationality caseloads. The case assessment work of the incumbent shall be reviewed by the Resettlement Officer.

The post the induction phase will include an immersion in complicated deferred resettlement cases for resettlement consideration, including the assessment of fraud, resettlement eligibility and complex family unity cases. In order to comprehensively cover all aspects of assessment, reporting and case management, a work plan covering such activities will be devised and will be regularly reviewed between the incumbent and the Resettlement Officer during weekly intervals.


– Stay abreast of political, legal, social and economic developments that have an impact on the protection environment.

– Assist in implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for promoting the resettlement of persons of concern as protection tool and durable solution in the context of comprehensive solution strategies.

– Assist in the development of country resettlement strategy and annual resettlement planning exercise.

– Propose the development and enhancement of policy and guidelines for resettlement practices.

– Assist in guiding and capacitating the country operation to prepare consistent and quality resettlement submissions.

– Assist in monitoring resettlement activities to ensure progress against targets, transparency and efficiency in case submissions and appropriate follow-up with resettlement countries and other key stakeholders

– Identify, interview, assess resettlement needs, and process persons identified for resettlement following established procedures; provide counselling to individuals.

– Contribute to resettlement outreach activities (information campaigns, focus groups, and counseling) for eligible populations outside of the Office, in the Kuala Lumpur area and, as appropriate, on mission to other areas of the country (namely Penang and Johor) where refugees reside

– Assist with resettlement selection missions.

– Systematically apply an Age, Gender and Diversity perspective in all aspects of the resettlement process; comply with UNHCR policy and guidelines on HIV/AIDS.

– Assist in mitigating resettlement fraud through oversight, advice and guidance.

– Assist the country operation with group resettlement procedures, including planning, profiling, logistical arrangements, verification and post-verification follow-up.

– Maintain regular contact and close cooperation with resettlement countries and partners to ensure effective resettlement delivery and adherence to adequate protection and resettlement standards.

– Participate, where appropriate, in country-level discussions with resettlement countries and partners.

– Assist in managing a process to ensure that persons of concern and partners receive up-to-date and accurate information on UNHCR’s resettlement policies and procedures.

– Assist in the submission of up-to-date and accurate statistics, resettlement reports and needs assessments are submitted to management as required.

– Identify and recommend relevant training activities of UNHCR staff and implementing partners.


– Resettlement delivery in the country is needs-based, non-discriminatory and prioritized for refugees most in need of this solution.

– UNHCR’s resettlement policies and standards are correctly and coherently applied.

– Persons of concern are made aware of UNHCR’s resettlement procedures and have fair and transparent access to and participation in the resettlement process.

– Fraud in the resettlement process is promptly identified and addressed.


– Decide and prioritize resettlement interviews of persons of concern.

– Approve submissions for resettlement.

– Represent UNHCR’s resettlement positions.

– Enforce compliance with, and integrity of, resettlement standard operating procedures


Languages: Excellent knowledge of English (essential) and working knowledge of another UN language (desirable).

Qualifications: University degree in international law, international relations, political science, social sciences or related fields of discipline.

Experience: At least 4 years (2 years with Advanced University degree) of professional work experience relevant to refugee protection work.


– Excellent analytical and legal drafting skills;

– Computer literacy;

– Fluency in spoken and written English;

– Ability to work effectively in challenging situations including field locations;

– Strong interpersonal skills.

REQUIRED COMPETENCIES,which illustrate behaviors that are essential to achieving deliverables described above, and that are critical to successful performance. All jobs require the staff to abide to the Values and Core competencies of UNHCR.

– Empowering and Building Trust (M001)

– Managing Performance (M002)

– Strategic Planning and Vision (M004)

– Analytical Thinking (X001)

– Planning and Organizing (X005)

– Political Awareness (X007)


Training components:

Training shall be received through regular coaching and feedback sessions with the supervisor. Access to online and GLC learning programmes such as the Resettlement and Protection Learning Programme will be supported should they become available during the deployment.

Learning elements:

– Experience of all aspects of individual case management including the drafting of Individual assessments according to RSD procedural guidelines.

– Experience of drafting complex case assessments, including those concerning exclusion issues and consistent with the output expected in the office.

– Experience in the assessment of operational guidance material and its implementation.

– Experience in researching country of origin information.

– Experience in providing coaching and guidance to staff.

– Identifying gaps in procedures and country of origin information and finding ways to address these.


As of 30 November 2014, 139,199 individuals were registered with UNHCR Malaysia, of which 93,556 were refugees and 45,643 asylum-seekers. The asylum-seeker and refugee population in Malaysia is entirely urban, often living in or around major cities. Out of the overall number of registered refugees, 93 per cent originate from Myanmar while the remaining 7 per cent come from more than 50 countries, the largest numbers being Sri Lanka, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories and Iran.

Malaysia is neither a signatory to the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees nor its 1967 Protocol. It has no legislative provisions in place dealing with the international protection of refugees. The Malaysian Government takes no direct role in the reception, registration, documentation, and status determination of asylum-seekers and refugees.

By law, refugees are not differentiated from undocumented migrants. They are therefore vulnerable to arrest for immigration offences and may be subject to detention, prosecution, corporal punishment and heightened risk of deportation. In the absence of a national administrative framework, UNH.CR conducts all activities related to the reception, registration, documentation and status determination of asylum-seekers and refugees.

UNHCR considers that the majority of refugees in Malaysia are in need of resettlement so long as conditions in their countries of origin make voluntary return unlikely. Given the lack of prospects for return and limited local integration prospects, aggravated by a precarious protection situation demonstrative of widespread arrests, detention and heightened risk of refoulement, resettlement is and will continue to be pursued for many of the refugees in Malaysia. Processing takes place via individual referrals and group submission, on a dossier-basis, via selection missions and through ongoing processing at local Embassies and High Commissions.

UNHCR Malaysia has been pursuing resettlement for Myanmar refugee groups as well as for refugees from other countries for whom it is deemed the most appropriate durable solution. In doing so, UNHCR continues to promote fair and balanced resettlement opportunities for mixed refugee populations in an urban context, with processing numbers proportional to the overall population size of each refugee group to the greatest extent possible.

In 2014, as at the end of November, UNHCR Malaysia has submitted 10,608 refugees for resettlement. A total of 103,513 refugees have been submitted since 2005. Malaysia is one of UNHCR’s largest resettlement operations worldwide.

The Resettlement unit at BO Kuala Lumpur currently comprises 01 Resettlement Officer/Head of Resettlement Unit, 01 National Officer, 01 Senior Resettlement Associate, 02 ICMC Deployees, 05 Resettlement Associates, 06 Senior Resettlement Assistants, 04 Resettlement Assistants, 01 Database Assistant, and 01 Administrative Assistant. 16 staff (73%) are engaged in direct resettlement casework, 04 are engaged in overall coordination and direct supervision of activities, and 02 staff are engaged in scheduling, database management and administrative support.

Kuala Lumpur is designated as an “A” duty station and access to health and education services are easily accessible and available. Amenities such as water electricity etc. are available 24 hours a day and good quality housing is also easy to find.

December 2014

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