Québec's independent newspapers acquire innovative multiplatform technology (PR Newswire)

MONTRÉAL, April 26, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ – Hebdos Québec is pleased and proud to announce that it has acquired a licence to operate a multiplatform digital publishing solution called MILENIUM, developed by European firm Protecmedia.

“Thanks to this partnership agreement, our association’s independent weeklies will be able to deliver an enriched experience to their readers on mobile devices, as well as offer advertisers a bold new range of interactive possibilities on tablets,” says Gilber Paquette, General Manager and Marketing Manager, Hebdos Québec.

Rollout of the solution, which begins in May, will enable the 30 independent newspapers that are members of Hebdos Québec to rapidly publish content on the Web as well as on tablets or any other mobile device. Readers will enjoy a media-rich user experience thanks to options including photo galleries, video, text adapted to suit each platform, and animated advertising.

Paul Brisson, President, Hebdos Québec, points out: “By the time the solution is fully implemented in January 2016, the weekly press industry will have emerged as a leader in this age of digital transformation. While it’s important to mention that readership of our print publications is not in decline, this multiplatform solution will ensure the longevity of our papers.”

Mr. Paquette adds: “This project is the culmination of more than a year of hard work. We studied several technology solutions available in the Americas as well as Europe. The advantage of Protecmedia’s MILENIUM solution is that we can distribute our content across all platforms without the need for additional processing. This content-creation and management system will mean valuable time savings for everyone involved in the newspaper production chain.”

About Hebdos Québec
Hebdos Québec, a non-profit organization founded in 1932, promotes the local independent press in Québec, supports its development, and takes concerted action on its behalf. The Association represents 30 independent French-language weeklies that together reach some 1.5 million readers every week.

About Protecmedia
Protecmedia is an international company with an exclusive focus on software development and providing services for news companies. With 35 years of experience in media, Protecmedia provides 400 clients in 25 countries with a software platform called MILENIUM. This technology employs modular, open and integrated solutions to meet all of the requirements of newspaper production, regardless of content-delivery platform. To support its clients in their projects, Protecmedia has offices in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Munich, Santiago and Mexico City, and works with local partners in Brazil, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Canada. Its major clients include European newspapers of record such as El Mundo and El País, along with major news publishers such as NSTP in Malaysia.

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