Falha attends Asia Media Summit: To fight Islamophobia, thwart designs that place Islam and terror in same category

NNA – The General Director of the Minister of Information, currently on a visit to Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia to partake in the “Asia Media Summit”, on Tuesday delivered a word in which he stressed the paramount importance of fighting Islamophobia and thwarting schemes that place terror and Islam in the same category.

“We gather here today because of what we share — a belief in the world and power of media. All through history, the media has proven to be the most influential force in shaping the life of mankind; it has proven to be a medium of never-ending opportunities towards change. What if we manage to spark a new era by nurturing positive media that helps developing Asian countries in their journey towards change?” Falha said in a word he has delivered before the summit participants.

“I felt very honored when I received an invitation to attend this event. I couldn’t but confirm my attendance, as I feel passionate about every initiative that seeks to boost connection between Asian media outlets.

I would like to thank Asia Media Summit for joining its forces to drive this initiative that will surely have a far reaching positive impact on our future generations,” Falha added.

He went on to say that “Economics serve wealth; political sciences serve power; but the media serves as means of communication and knowledge — that’s why media development should be treated just like economic development and political development in our part of the world.

The flow of news in some Asian countries remains unbalanced. We find heavy coverage of a few highly developed countries and light-coverage in less developed ones. This only tends to ignore important events and distort the reality they present.”

Taking the Middle East region as an example, Falha said, “We notice that the unbalanced media coverage of the so-called Arab Spring has bred Islamophobia all across the world. It is the duty of our media outlets to work hand-in-hand to bring back the real image of Islam.

Real change mostly starts from here, today. We need to start seriously thinking together about the means to fight Islamophobia, especially in light of the unfortunate events that have been rocking the Middle East region. We need to confront Western countries with the fact that terror is in no way linked to Islam and to abolish all pre-planned and mal-intentioned plots that place Islam and terror in the same category.

Our cause requires the help of all the Asian media outlets that are willing to cooperate and coordinate to remove the defamed image of Islam from the minds of millions of people.”

Falha added, “Asia is a part of the world that has long overcome the differences between societies, cultures, traditions, color, and race. To the contrary, Asia has welcomed all in its loving countries and has never refused to protect anyone, regardless of his or her origin.

Malaysia is far from the Middle East, especially Lebanon, not only in distance, but also in culture and traditions; however, this distance has been cut short by this landmark summit that has welcomed all its honored guests under one cause – the Media.”

The Information Ministry’s General Director concluded by saying, “Our journey towards change is possible through the mass media which has proven to be a powerful tool to widen horizons, focus attention, raise aspirations, and also create a climate for development. We should make use of our media to introduce new dimensions to our problems, enforce developed social norms, and help in education and training.

Meanwhile, we look forward to continuing and enhancing our engagement with Asian media outlets at the regional and international levels to achieve our common goals.

Again, I would like to thank the organizers of Asia Media Summit for taking this initiative, and to declare my personal support to it and every similar event.”


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