Pak efforts for Rohingya Cause lauded (The Balochistan Times (Pakistan))

Global Rohingya Center, a representative body of Rohingya Muslims, has lauded the persistent efforts of Pakistan for highlighting the Rohingya cause on individual and governmental level.

The centre acknowledged various initiatives being taken by Pakistani nationals, particularly TV host Waqar Zaka and Human Rights activist Ansar Burni for feeling the pain of oppressed Muslims.

President of Global Rohingya Center, Shiekh Abdullah Maruf, in a message issued by the Pakistan Secretariat, termed the ongoing protest demonstrations being organized by different Pakistani overseas organizations, including Overseas Pakistan Solidarity, most effective for raising awareness on the international front, calling the recent statements of US President Obama and other global leaders in favor of Rohingya Muslims a positive development.

He acknowledged that the successful visit of renowned Pakistani TV host Waqar Zaka to Myanmar for providing the financial support to the Arakani Muslims facing hardships in the holy month of Ramadan, is a remarkable and heroic initiative.

President GRC, while expressing best wishes for the former Pakistani Minister for Human Rights and Activist, said that the ongoing visit of Ansar Burni and his team to Malaysia, Thailand and neighboring countries is of vital importance for finding peaceful solution of the Rohingya crises, hoping that it would open doors for Rohingya Muslims for returning to their homeland with dignity.

He condemned the Myanmar Government for mass-arresting of Rohingya refugees on their coming back to Myanmar and urged the international community to play proactive role in this regard.

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