JUDSON PHILLIPS: Obama wants to trade human rights for trade authority (The Washington Times)

July 17, 2015

By Judson Phillips  

A lot of things happen in Washington that are never reported. Sometimes some stories don’t make the news because the news cycle is being dominated by major stories, such as President Obama’s terrorist stimulus program with Iran.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly said he wants the United States to be in the lead in eliminating one of the great horror stories of the 21st century. That is the evil practice of slavery and human trafficking.

This is truly a bipartisan effort as Republicans and Democrats agree on this issue.

Mr. Obama agrees with the idea of eliminating the scourge that is slavery and human trafficking — at least until it conflicts with his goal of having at least one accomplishment in his eight-year tenure in the White House or interferes with the plans of his big corporate cronyists.

The nation of Malaysia has a horrible record in the area of human trafficking. Last year, when the U.S. State Department released its annual Trafficking in Persons report, Malaysia had the worst rating it could get. In fact, Malaysia’s record last year was dropped to the lowest tier.

The problem is Malaysia is a part of the vast proposed Trans Pacific Partnership. Last month, when the U.S. Senate gave Barack Obama the so-called Trade Promotional Authority or “fast track,” a provision was put in the bill that prohibited any nation with a lowest-tier rating for human trafficking from being included in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Minor things like the law or the intent of Congress has never stopped Mr. Obama or his merry band of corruptocrats. Suddenly the State Department is now about to upgrade Malaysia’s rating for Trafficking in Persons!

Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who added that provision to the Senate version of the Trade Promotion Authority bill is outraged. In a move totally divorced from facts or reality, the Obama Regime is going to upgrade Malaysia’s rating in Trafficking in Persons just so it can be included in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Malaysia is doing very little to stop human trafficking. Just recently mass graves were discovered in Malaysia. The people who were buried there were victims of human trafficking. Malaysia’s trafficking rating puts it in the same league as North Korea or Syria.

Mr. Obama repeatedly insisted that trade deals the United States negotiated would go much further in advancing labor standards and human rights standards, while promoting and begging for Trade Promotion Authority.

Of course, Mr. Obama also promised Americans that they could keep their doctors if they liked them and would save $2,500 a year on their health insurance. And he promised he would stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons as well.

Big corporate interests want the Trans Pacific Partnership passed. They want their massive profits at the expense of the American people and now at the expense of these poor wretched souls who are trafficked.

The State Department is proving with the Malaysia scoring that the Obama Regime is more concerned about powerful corporate interests than it is about the ideals it claims it has.

By giving Malaysia this free pass so it can be a part of the Trans Pacific Partnership, more men, women and children will be trafficked. More men, women and children will be subjected to an unspeakable hell on earth. Because the Obama Regime is more concerned with helping the powerful corporate interests that want the Trans Pacific Partnership, more men, women and children will end up in unmarked graves in Malaysia.

Upgrading Malaysia’s grade regarding Trafficking in Persons is probably the most disgusting thing to happen in Washington this week. And odds are, before reading about it in The Washington Times, you probably never heard about it.