Daily Archives: July 27, 2016

India shuns Nigeria’s crude, turns to Malaysia, Brunei

India's Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, BPCL has issued a spot tender to purchase several Malaysian light sweet crude grades, raising expectations that more Indian end-users could switch their focus to Southeast Asian supplies amid growing uncertainty over the exports of

Police to run DNA tests as confusion rises over identities of two dead ‘militants’

Relatives say the nine militants killed in Kalyanpur raid include youths from their families, but confusion has arisen as two of the families claim one youth as theirs.Police released the photos of the dead militants (Parental guidance is advised to

ICAO Council President Stresses Need to Effectively Implement Air Cargo Security Measures

The focus of ICAO's efforts with the World Customs Organization (WCO) is shifting from the creation of an effective regulatory framework, and evolving toward the fostering of best practices in operations and the provision of assistance to States, ICAO ...

Shehzad, one of nine slain suspected militants, is a US citizen

Shehzad Rauf Arka alias Morocco, one of the nine suspected militants killed when police busted a hideout in Dhaka's Kalyanpur, is a US citizen.Shehzad's father Tawhid Rauf, a resident of Dhaka's Basundhara, went to the mortuary to identify his son.A

Police identify seven of nine ‘militants’ killed in Kalyanpur operations

Police have confirmed identities of seven of the nine suspected militants killed in a raid on a house in Dhaka's Kalyanpur on Tuesday.Dhaka Metropolitan Police on Wednesday said their fingerprints were matched with the National ID database.The seven ha...