TN50 can tackle cost of living issues, says Khairy

MALACCA: The 2050 National Transformation (TN50) will ensure future generations do not have to inherit the burden of rising cost of living as faced by the people now.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the matter could be realised with the implementation of various aspirations voiced by the younger generation for TN50, among them public transport, housing and health facilities which are more affordable as well as for better employment.

I feel the cost of living issue could be tackled if the aspirations could be implemented by the government. For example, the biggest cost of living contributor is housing (rent and high property prices), similarly expensive public transport, or the rising cost of petrol if we use our own cars.

But when we invest and turn urban and rural areas into more conducive places with affordable housing, public transport, I believe the problem of the cost of living will be mitigated, he told a press conference here last night.

Earlier, he attended the Malacca TN50 Dialogue Series at Ayer Keroh here which was also attended by Melaka Chief Minister Idris Haron and about 1,500 participants.

Source: Malaysian Trades Union Congress