Good teachers produce good quality students, period

Appum: First, it was Wawasan 2020, now they have moved the goalposts to National Transformation 2050 (TN50). Next could be OP 001 (Opposition 001).

It’s sad to see that no teacher talks about improving the quality of education standards by first improving the entry qualification of teachers.

In the past, teacher training required high entry qualifications, not ‘kulitfication’. Race was never an issue. The best students were selected for teacher training. Good teachers produce good quality students, simple as that.

Next, quality headmasters who show a high level of commitment and dedication and are motivated to make their teachers produce quality and high achievers. Where is that dedication today? Why? Because promotions are apparently not based on quality and performance?

If this is the way the Umno-BN government runs the system after 60 years in power, no wonder we are regressing in education as well in all other sectors. Meritocracy is the word.

Sleepy: Appum, the problem is not the moving goalposts but achievable targets. In other words, ‘no goalpost in the first place’.

Anonymous_1400076912: Teach students about hard work and determination being the key to success, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch and expecting never-ending crutches to lean on.

Walk on your own two legs if you have them. Learn to respect others just as you would like others to respect you, so we won’t have bullying and torture in schools, religious ones or otherwise.

Ipoh Pp: The basic and first principle which should be taught to pupils on the first day to the last day in schools is honesty, especially concerning money, work ethics and not to be corrupted. That’s basic education.

Wira: With TN50, Wawasan 2020 becomes a failed promise by BN. So after TN50, what next? Another ‘Never Ending Target’?

Kneazle: When a teacher was said to have failed her student just because she supposedly wrote her English composition beyond the capacity of her age, that was very telling about the standard of our teachers.

Putrajaya says no room to commute Sirul’s death sentence

Anonymous_1419577444: It sounds sensible. The highest court made its decision based on the facts presented, that is, he took another person’s life.

For the sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment, there has to be new evidence, for example, Sirul Azhar Umar comes out and says he was acting under instructions and reveals who had instructed him.

So far, he has been keeping quiet, so the death sentence should hang above his head. By the way, shouldn’t the authorities have hanged Azilah Hadri by now? What’s the delay?

Bumiputhran: Sirul has a few options:

1. Sirul is detained at the Villawood Immigration Detention centre for allegedly ‘overstaying’ in Australia and not on any other grounds as official records state. (I have had access to these records which shall stay confidential.)

2. His detention for ‘overstaying’ is unlawful and has taken an inordinate length of period. I have told Sirul this personally and had it conveyed to him through other sources.

But Sirul has been told to keep his mouth shut and not take any other course. His arrest warrant and Malaysian conviction has not kicked in for consideration by Australia’s Department of Immigration; and if it has kicked in, it remains out of the official processing record.

3. His detention to date is ‘unlawful’ because his tourist visa expired at midnight of the expiry date, but Sirul had lawfully submitted a valid application for extension of his tourist visa before 5pm of the office closing time and before midnight of the expiry date.

4. Having made a valid application before the midnight expiry date, he automatically gets a bridging visa A and stays free until his application for extension of tourist visa is resolved.

4. Sirul can concurrently apply for a bridging visa E to be released conditionally until his application for a protection visa 886 is also determined. This protection visa application has been submitted to the department but as the record stands, it is not been taken action on.

5. This means he can remain locked up until the cows come from far beyond the planet.

6. His Malaysian minders have allegedly told him not to apply for conditional release on false promises of buying him a A$1 million house by the Malaysian authorities.

6. Again, I have told him all these are false promises and he has to act on his own interests, and the first thing is to open the pathway for him to appear before an Australian judge to claim procedural fairness from unlawful inordinate detention.

Nobody is kept locked up for over two years for allegedly overstaying for one day. His Malaysian lawyers are reluctant to apply for a judicial review, in which case the Malaysian judicial process will have to visit his conviction process whereby more truth has to be brought out in the open.

This is what the Malaysian authorities would not like. Here begins the impasse.

Anonymous 5: The Malaysian government has not even applied for extradition after so many years and is still studying whether he might spill the beans and whether who was the real person who gave instructions to kill will be named in the Australian courts during the extradition hearing.

The Malaysian authorities seem to be apparently protecting someone and it is obvious there won’t be an extradition application.

During the hearing, the conviction can still be reheard in the Federal Court or a pardon of the death sentence being commuted to life in prison may be given.

They apparently just don’t want to go to courts in Australia and apparently fear the truth.

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