‘Four Flyovers To Ease Traffic Congestion’

KUCHING: The construction of four flyovers from Mile 4 1/2 to Mile 10 of the Kuching-Serian road will ease traffic congestion by 2020.

Assistant Minister for Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said the construction of the four flyovers at Mile 4 1/2, Mile 6, Mile 7 and Mile 10 of the Kuching-Serian Road is part of the Pan Borneo Highway Project Package 2.

Currently, the survey works and shifting of utilities are in progress. Physical construction works for the flyover at Mile 7 and Mile 10 is scheduled to commence by July.

Mile 4 1/2 and Mile 6 flyovers are scheduled to start by October, he told the august House when replying questions raised by Chong Chieng Jen (DAP-Kota Sentosa) yesterday.

Julaihi said the total cost for implementing the four flyovers amounts to RM316.96 million.

Chong then rose to ask whether there was any special measure taken by the ministry concerned to ease the traffic flow during the construction period of the flyovers.

The level of traffic congestion along that stretch of road is unbearable given the current situation and if the construction of these flyovers commences, the situation will be further aggravated beyond imagination, said the DAP leader.

Julaihi responded by saying that the ministry and the department concerned would look into traffic management as and when necessary.

Of course it is very necessary, so traffic management will be handled ultimately during the construction time to address traffic congestion in the area. Julaihi’s reply apparently did not satisfy Chong, who rose again to comment on the reply before posing his second supplementary question.

The project is already being planned and is in progress and yet there is only planning on how to ease traffic congestion. There should be a plan but the answer given by the assistant minister is that there is no plan. I hope the (assistant) minister can convey my concern to the relevant authority. Don’t wait until the problem arises then you start to plan, remarked Chong.

He then asked whether the government could assure that the upgrading project for Mile 11 to Mile 15 of the Kuching-Serian Road from single to dual carriageway would be completed on time.

Given that for a simple project of road widening between 11th to 15th Mile, there is a serious delay in the project. What assurance can you give to the residents in the area and residents of Kuching that this project would not be delayed and will be completed as scheduled?

Julaihi told the august House that we are as concerned as you (Chong) are when it came to addressing and solving traffic congestion.

With regard to traffic problems, we are as concerned as you are.

You’re not the only one. To answer your part two, yes, there is a schedule and we will follow the schedule strictly.

Any delay will be ultimately looked into by the ministry and department concerned, added the assistant minister.

Source: Borneo Post Online