Ong: Work with high-tech nations to ensure global success

BANTING: Malaysia needs to work closely with technologically advanced nations in order to become a successful player in the global market.

That is why Malaysia welcomed foreign companies such as German conglomerate Linde Group, which has a plant here, said Second International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

It was important for Malaysia to cooperate with technologically advanced nations in order to set up Industry 4.0 here, he added.

Industry 4.0 is a form of digital enterprise which promotes automation and computerisation in manufacturing.

Ong said out of all the European companies in Malaysia, German companies were the biggest investors.

The minister added that Malaysia should embrace high-end manufacturing to become an active player in the modern global market, after having heavily depended on commodities such as rubber, palm oil and tin.

We are trying to add value on all these raw materials to create better jobs for our people, and for that we need technology, said Ong at a press conference after opening Linde Malaysia’s modular semi-automated cylinder filling plant yesterday.

He said technology could not be derived or obtained overnight as it required expensive and intensive research and development.

Lauding Linde Group for setting up Linde Malaysia, he said: Linde is not only helping Malaysia earn foreign exchange, but has also created job opportunities and helped propel us into the development of Industry 4.0.

Source: Malaysian Trades Union Congress