Owners Reminded To Get Licence For Their Dogs

KUCHING: Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) is reminding all dog owners to get licence for their canine pets.

A press statement from its Public Relations Unit yesterday said it is a requirement under the Kuching North (Dog Licence) By-laws 1991 to make it easier to monitor, avoid or control rabies � also known as the mad dog disease.

Dog owners who are issued this licence must strictly adhere to specified conditions which include ensuring that their dogs are inside the house compound at all times, that they (dogs) are chained and that if they are to be brought outside the house, the owner must make sure his/her dog is being supervised by them all the time, the statement added.

The statement also said dog owners are to make sure that their pets do not attack and afflict pain and injuries on members of the public and/or damage public and private properties.

The annual fee for the license is RM10 per dog and that each premise is only allowed to house three dogs. However, if the premises has more than three dogs then a fee of RM30 each will be imposed on the additional number of dogs, the statement pointed out.

Owners also must make sure that the licensed dogs wear identification tag on their neck, DBKU said, adding those flouting any of these laws would be fined RM500 for the first offence and RM1,000 each for subsequent offences.

Dog licences are obtainable at DBKU Licensing Division at Level 2 of Al-Idrus Commercial Complex in Jalan Satok here. Applicants may also call 082-234654 or 082-234657 for any query.

Source: Borneo Post Online