RTD cracks down on errant motorcyclists nationwide, issues 954 summonses in 2 hours

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport Department (RTD) has issued a total of 954 summonses within the span of two-hour at operations conducted at several locations nationwide.

RTD director-general Datuk Nadzri Siron said in the operations between 8.30pm and 10.30pm yesterday, which focused on motorcycles, saw a total of 1,954 machines checked.

Of this number, 954 summonses were issued to 563 motorcyclists.

Among the offences that top the list are not having a driving license (416), expired road tax (201), and having no insurance (159), he told reporters after monitoring operations conducted at Jalan Bangsar today.

At Jalan Bangsar, 285 summonses were issued to 153 motorcyclists.

A total of 90 summonses were issued to motorcyclists who have no insurance coverage, 90 summonses for not having valid road tax and 47 for motorcyclist without licenses.

We are very worried as statistics showed that the number of motorcyclists without licenses is still high. If an accident happens, the motorcyclist and others who are involved will not be able to claim for insurance.

The operation also focused on motorcyclists as 80 per cent of accidents involved motorcycles, he said.

He also warned road users that his men have been given strict order to focus on seven major traffic offences which will haul offenders straight to court.

The seven traffic offences are beating the traffic lights, overtaking on double lines, driving in the emergency lane, cutting queues, using mobile phones while driving dangerously, not using seat belts, and not using helmets.

Nadzri said besides RTD personnel placed at highways and hotspots, the Automated Enforcement System (AES) have also been activated.

If they (drivers) are found to commit offences, they would have to pay the compound and they will also be given demerits points (under the Automated Awareness Safety System), he said.

The system was introduced to catch habitual traffic offenders in the act and to reduce the nation’s accident rate.

Under the system, offenders would not only get demerit points but could also eventually have their licences suspended or cancelled.

Source: Malaysian Trades Union Congress