KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia � The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Ministry has developed local content and talents related to the content industry, among others, aimed at maintaining the cultural and artistic values of local ASEAN community.

Sharing Malaysia’s idea on the matter with ASEAN senior officials, the ministry’s secretary-general Dr Sharifah Zarah Syed Ahmad said the Negaraku Kreatif @ Komuniti (K@K) was designed as an outreach programme to expose rural youths to the creative content industry in the hope of bringing out new talents.

It was hoped that these budding new talents would in the future be the ones who not only drive the industry, but also maintain the cultural and artistic values of local ASEAN community, she said when opening the 18th ASEAN Sub-Committee on Information meeting here.

This is just one small example of our bigger ‘digitise and humanise’ concept being implemented at the ministry. The concept is that as we are increasingly living in a more digitalised world, we should not lose the emotional bond and trust of the population that we are serving, she said.

She said her ministry had also undertaken efforts to raise ASEAN awareness and building a sense of community as the 10 southeast Asian nations set the future and pace for creating a dynamic and harmonious ASEAN community, a community that is politically cohesive, economically integrated and socially responsible.

In drawing her attention on the matter, Sharifah Zarah said the efforts were made through the implementation of several programmes such as ‘Kenali ASEAN’ (Know ASEAN road show); Pasport ASEAN, a travel documentary; ASEAN Forum and a blogspot.

She said Malaysia had also been an active participant in recurring projects such as ASEAN Quiz, the newly rebranded ASEAN Television News and Voice of ASEAN � Beyond Boundaries (VoABB) aired via Department of Broadcasting/Radio Television Malaysia.

These long-standing projects had been reviewed to determine their effectiveness and rebranded to remain current and relevant in the context of ASEAN community building, she said.

The senior official meeting will deliberate on new projects to be implemented in realising ASEAN’s key aspiration of a dynamic, open, creative and adaptive community with an ASEAN identity reflecting the region’s collective personality, norms, values and beliefs as well as aspirations as one ASEAN Community.

ASEAN comprises Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.