Sent a boycott message to Malindo Airlines in Malaysia

Some airlines in Malaysia are violating Human Rights causes. Airline Labour Unions are threatened and diminished. Airline workers who are unionised are being threatened with dismissal by their company.

We hope others will know of the real condition of these airline workers who fear of the management. They have been constantly threatened and bullied. We want travellers and labour organizations to know that the airlines union busting activity are a constant problem.

Last 2 years 6,000 airline workers were retrenched. Several Union leaders were fired and threatened. Recently 30 airline crew workers were fired within 24 hours without any reason by Malindo Airlines. They have become very oppressive as they continue to violate basic human rights.

We hope this form of campaign against any airlines that had constantly bully airline workers will create strong awareness amongst the travellers. We want to end the constant bullying by these airlines and we want you to help us say STOP THE BULLYING to these airlines.

Airline crew members as you know them are merely doing their jobs professionally. They often put their lives before others. They are the only ones you can count on when something happens on flight. You depend on them because they are your only safety officer on every flight you travel. The sad thing is the airlines continue to ignore the problems of the crew and they continue to bully the crew by paying them less wages.This is happening right now as we speak.

Therefore, Unions are their only way of protection but the airlines are paying people to destroy unions.

They do not want Unions to help or interfere with the crew issues as so they can do anything as they like. Female crew members are often exploited and made to do men’s work and do late overtime shifts. The unions continue to pressure airlines to stop paying low wages and demand that they provide better benefits and insurance for their employees. The Unions wants more protection for these workers.

Malindo Air is the only airline that hires Female crew without any Male Cabin Crew. For safety reasons; the Union have always encourage Male crew to be hired. Due to constant pressure from Unions and the NGOs recently, the airline hired Male Cabin Crew.

But in matter of weeks; the airline fired all of these Male Cabin Crew within 24 hours. The airline claimed they no longer needed the Male crew for their fleet.

Now 30 over of these crew members are now made jobless. They have no where to go and they have families to support. It may be small in numbers but with years of constant pressure and firing, thousands of airline crew members have lived through constant bullying and nightmare.

Thats why we need you to help us to tell the airline to stop bullying their workers. Your say as a traveller will help pressure airlines to respect the cabin crew profession.

Therefore, your signature means a lot to us.

Please help us to tell the airlines to stop the bullying now. With these petition signatures, it will also carry our voices and sent strong message to the airlines around the world.

Source: Malaysian Trades Union Congress