Closing The Urban-Rural Digital Gap Through 1M’sia Internet Centre

MIRI: The government has set up 1Malaysia Internet Centre in many rural villages as a platform to close the digital gap between the urban and rural communities.

According to Piasau assembyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, the main purpose of the 1Malaysia Internet Centre was to develop internet literacy among the rural community and to educate them in obtaining information via the internet.

The government hopes the people in these rural areas will be able to utilise the facility and services provided by such centres.

The rapid growth in digital economy has demanded us to master the information communication technology, he said when officiating at the 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Kampung Piasau Utara community hall here on Sunday.

Ting said the government has taken various initiatives to accelerate the development of digital economy among the rural communities.

On the Piasau 1Malaysia Internet Centre, he hoped it would generate huge digital impact among the villagers.

This centre is not only a place for the users to conduct recreational activities such as playing internet games and surfing the internet, it is also a place for the users to obtain useful information.

Also present were the village chief of Kampung Piasau Utara Hipni Sulong and manager for the Piasau 1Malaysia Internet Centre Yahya Jahawi.

Source: The Borneo Post