Relief In Ba Kelalan As Road Repair Progresses Smoothly

KUCHING: The people of Ba Kelalan are relieved and thankful that repair works on the road leading their settlement, which was once so badly damaged it was impossible to drive on, is progressing well.

A transporter from Long Semadoh, Singa, told The Bornneo Post the improvement of the road would have a big impact for the rural communities as it enables them to travel easily to get their daily supplies of goods and other items from Lawas Town.

We are also assisting the needy especially by transporting patients, students and also for the people who need our services,

We hope the road could greatly improve by Christmas and for the reopening of the school in early January.

He thank The Borneo Post for highlighting the poor condition of the road and Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing for approving the upgrading and repair of the road by a local contractor.

The work progress on Long Luping, Long Semadoh to Ba Kelalan is now going well since the contractor started to mobilise their heavy machines. My fellow drivers who are travelling on the road are very happy to see the works progress and we’re not worried anymore of getting stuck in the muddy track as before.

Meanwhile, according to a spokesman of the contractor Sigar Sak, a total of 26 heavy machines; comprising two compactors, nine dump trucks, seven excavators, five bulldozers, one shovel bucket and one mobile stone crusher have been mobilised for the road works and stationed at various locations.

The number of machines will be added if needed in the future. Our priority is to do clearing, repair the worst parts of the road, patch the potholes, do the earth drain and widen the narrow passage way, he said.

Sigar stressed that their target now is to ensure the road could be gravelled by the middle of December.

The former logging road was upgraded under ‘Jiwa Murni’ programme implemented by the army and was opened to the public in 2013.

But due to lack of maintenance, adverse weather conditions and overloading by heavy vehicles, the road was completely damaged until recently when the State JKR took over the road from Ministry of Defence.

Source: The Borneo Post