100 Tuai Rumah Receive Letters Of Appointment Letters

KAPIT: A total of 100 Tuai Rumah (longhouse chiefs) received their appointment letters from Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi on Monday.

They were from Pelagus and Bukit Goram state constituencies under the charge of seven penghulu.

The ceremony was held at Kapit District Office.

In his address, Nanta called on the Tuai Rumah to cooperate and work closely with the elected people’s representatives of their area and be the bridge between the government and the people.

To provide good service to my constituents under Kapit parliamentary constituency (Pelagus, Bukit Goram and Katibas), I have set up two service centres. In Kapit, the service centre is on the first floor of Maybank while the Katibas service centre is at Song bazaar. There are full-time staff at the centres. If you have anything, please approach any of the service centres. The staff can assist you. You can also call or SMS me on my handphone, said Nanta.

Meanwhile, Kapit district officer Elvis Didit informed that 90 per cent of the Tuai Rumah were re-appointed for another four years and only 10 per cent were new faces.

He reminded all the Tuai Rumah that it is compulsory to register their village security and development committees (JKKK) and submit their longhouse profile to Kapit District Office detailing the longhouse’s population, number of ‘bilik’, economic activities, educational standard, infrastructure and amenities available.

The committee must meet at least thrice a year on the JKKK profile, he said.

As community leaders, you must have leadership skills and have thirst for learning because you must be more knowledgeable than the ‘rakyat’ under your jurisdiction, he advised.

Among those witnessing the ceremony were Deputy Kapit Resident Wee Teck Min, Kapit District Office administrative officers Anyie Awing, Mohd Sukri and Robert Anyaw, Temenggong Wilfred Billy Panyau, Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo, Pemanca David Dian, Pemanca Wasli Nor, Pemanca Yong Thu Fook, Pemanca Enggin Nyipa, Penghulu Sia Shui Poh, Penghulu Wong Kie Ing, Penghulu Uga Esop and Penghulu Pasang.

Source: The Borneo Post