KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -� Malaysia Airlines has partnered global travel technology leader, Amadeus IT Group SA to personalise services, allowing for customer’s needs to be met more effectively and efficiently.

In a statement today, Malaysia Airlines said the Amadeus Customer Experience Management was a cutting edge solution that would help it to understand customers and deliver highly personalised offers across all touchpoints, while maximising every merchandising revenue opportunity.

The technology would collect data on the traveller from multiple sources and build a 360-degree, real-time picture of the traveller, and integrate it with advanced personalisation logic, so that the airline can cater to the traveller’s implicit expectations and explicit demands while travelling.

Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer, Izham Ismail said the technology adoption would be an important differentiating factor for the airline.

We have had a great journey with Amadeus so far and they have been a true partner in supporting our transformation and sharing the same drive to put the customer at the centre of our services, he added.

The airline said the solution could also help increase revenue by upselling tailored and relevant offers to customers via the right channels at the right time, while improving customer retention by delivering personalised and proactive care to frequent travellers in the event of disruption.