KUALA LUMPUR, — Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak launched the 13-party ruling coalition government’s or Barisan Nasional’s (BN) official portal for the 14th General Election (GE14), schedule this year called ‘theRakyat’ here Wed.

It will also become the platform for the people to find out about the 13-party BN’s plans and promises for the country over the next five years and to counter false news on the government.

The portal, accessible at, comprises segments such as interview, documentaries, analyses, ‘e-rakyat’ (e-bulletin), infographics, gallery, soundtrack and manifesto using the latest features to ensure that the messages are delivered in a more dynamic and engaging manner.

In addition, the portal, using ‘People First’ as its slogan, will display the profiles and information on BN candidates who will contest in GE14.

The interview segment includes the Bicara 4 Mata talk show on TV, which addresses a wide range of issues pertaining to the people as well as current issues such as economy, social, politics and humanity.


In launching the portal Malaysian prime minister Najib Tun Razak, who is also the ruling coalition’s chairman, said the move was necessary following the coalition’s experience in the previous election where the opposition had used social media as a weapon to attack the party and spread lies.

“We chose the launching of this portal to be the first BN event this year because it will be our most important platform to face the general election. Social media has become the main platform for the rakyat to receive information and make their decision when the time comes.

“We know that in the past GE13, we became a victim to spread of fake news. Although the term fake news was not popular then, but it had been used as a weapon by the opposition and had more or less affected us.

“These include allegations that we were using Bangladeshis as phantom voters, that several vote counting centres experienced blackout although that time was during the day and there was enough sunlight to count votes even if blackout really happens.

There was also a particular opposition leader who Tweeted that they have won the election at 4am, when voting had not even begun. These are only several of the examples, and we believe this tactic will be repeated when GE14 comes,” Najib said.

The coalition is seeking to recoup its two-thirds parliamentary majority, which it held since independence until the 12th general election in 2008. It failed to regain a supermajority in the 13th general election in 2013.