‘Dogs With Specified Collars Will Not Be Captured In Ops’

KUCHING: Dogs wearing plastic collars that indicate that they have been vaccinated and neutered will not be captured, assures an official from Kuching North City Commission (DBKU).

This was stated during the mass operation to remove stray dogs at Batu Kawa Old Bazaar here yesterday.

We will not catch dogs with these coloured collars. We only catch free-roaming dogs with no owners � the animal would be kept at the pound or facility under the Veterinary Services Department (DVS) for 48 hours before the department makes the decision to put them down if no one comes forward to save or claim the dogs, the DBKU official said.

The operation, which entered its third day yesterday, involved some 50 personnel from various local councils and covered Taman San Chin, Taman Genesis, Rantau Panjang and Moyan in Batu Kawa.

On the negative public response to the operation, especially from those concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of stray dogs, the official said the issue had put them in a difficult situation.

We understand the complexity of the issue and the dilemma surrounding it, he said, noting that some criticisms carrying violent and threatening tones � whether intentional or not � against the authorities had appeared on social media.

That said, the issue is a serious one and has persisted since July last year, he added.

Earlier yesterday, DVS Sarawak lodged a police report in Padawan over several comments on a Facebook page championing sparing the lives of stray dogs.

According to police, a Facebook account holder has suggested killing the personnel involved in the operation to catch stray dogs, while another suggested setting up a road block to release captured strays and using extreme measures to prevent the operation from running.

Zulherman Jais, 35, a security guard at SRB Chung Hua Batu Kawa felt that the operation was good in providing a safer environment for local communities.

Less than 10 stray dogs can be spotted around here in the evening when shops close and the bazaar becomes not as busy as during the day.

Then again, the school zone is safe because it is gated. We are not that worried because at the moment, the strays don’t really disturb people � we have yet to hear about any rabies case, said Zulherman.

The operation continues today at Taman BDC, Tabuan Tranquility and Kenyalang Park here. Tomorrow (Sunday), the areas of coverage will be in Singai, Tondong and Serikin in Bau.

Source: The Borneo Post