Pesta Kaul Symbolises Melanau Unity And Identity – Fatimah

MUKAH: Pesta Kaul is a celebration that showcases the personalities of all Melanaus in Sarawak.

In this regard, Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah observes that while there are slight differences between the sub-groups within the Melanau community, the festival remains synonymous with them.

As such, she calls upon the Melanaus to uphold it as their symbol of unity.

Just say ‘Pesta’ (festival) Kaul and let everyone know it is a Melanau celebration, she spoke during the festival at Kampung Medong hall in Dalat recently.

Fatimah, who is Dalat assemblywoman, said regardless of where they come from, the Melanau must celebrate the festival in showing that they knew their roots.

She admitted that although there were changes in the festival, the goal remained the same � to gather and unite in celebration.

Speaking on the facilities for the celebration, Fatimah pledged to upgrade them from time to time, in tandem with the development of the Melanau villages.

On another subject, Fatimah also called upon the people to cooperate with their appointed community leaders, who served as the bridge between them and the government.

Source: The Borneo Post