Villagers Told To Support Community Leaders To Ensure Greater Devt

DALAT: Villagers of Kampung Medong in Dalat have been reminded to always be united and also to support their community leaders to ensure greater development in their village.

In giving this advice when speaking at the opening of Pesta Kaul Kampung Medong in Kampung Medong recently, Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah said it would be hard for her to give allocations to this village had they not supported their leaders.

The Dalat assemblywoman said there were many development projects slated for Kampung Medong � noted for being the most populated village in her constituency.

That is why we have divided this place into Medong Hulu, Medong Hilir, and Medong Seberang, with each getting separate allocations.

But development projects cannot be smoothly implemented if the people are not united in supporting their leaders.

The Ketua Kaum, Penghulu or Pemanca � they are the bridge that connects the government with the people; we need that bridge to bring about development that Kampung Medong needs, she stressed.

To the community leaders, she warned them that they would be replaced if they were found to lack integrity, or have bad attitude.

On Pesta Kaul, she called upon the locals to keep the festival alive as it represents the identity of the Melanau community.

She said although there are differences in dialects among the Melanaus in different areas, Pesta Kaul is one of the traditions that unite them.

Pesta Kaul is always associated with the Melanau community � just like Gawai is with the Ibans. It is our identity, she emphasised.

Source: The Borneo Post