Ministry: Highway Project Partner Must Ensure Works Will Not Damage Pipelines

KUCHING: Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd and its Pan Borneo Highway works package contractors shall be responsible and cover the cost of repair works on the pipelines, which get damaged due to construction activities along the project sites.

The Ministry of Utilities, in a statement issued here yesterday, emphasised that the onus should be on the project delivery partner, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara and its project package contractors and sub-contractors, to ensure that the road construction works would be carried out ‘with utmost care and diligence’ so as to not damage the existing watermains.

They are required to follow strictly the established standard operating procedure (SOP) for the shifting of utility services to ensure that the utility services are not interrupted in any way.

In the event of any water supply interruption caused by damage to existing pipelines due to road works, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara and its works package contractors concerned shall be responsible and shall pay for the cost of repair works on the damaged pipelines, it said.

The ministry pointed out that for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines measuring 150mm in diameter or smaller, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara should be responsible in carrying out the repair works itself.

For other pipe materials and HDPE pipelines with diameter count larger than 150mm, it said the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) would arrange for the repair works, but all costs incurred should be borne by Lebuhraya Borneo Utara.

The statement from the ministry was issued in response to news report ‘Authorities urged to solve pipe burst problem in Serian’ published in The Borneo Post Online on Jan 24.

The ministry said it was very concerned that incidents of such water supply interruptions had been getting more frequent � it took note of the newspaper reports on such interruptions, which were caused by bursting pipes, arising from damaged pipes due to excavation works carried out by the Pan Borneo Highway contractors.

It added that these interruptions caused great inconvenience to the affected consumers, leaving them with dry taps or very low water pressure, for days in some cases.

The Ministry of Utilities, therefore, seeks the close cooperation from Lebuhraya Borneo Utara and its work package contractors and sub-contractors, to carry out their works with utmost care and diligence, in accordance with the SOP to ensure that there is no water supply interruption due to pipe damage caused by excavation Works.

It was reported that Serian town and its surrounding areas experienced water supply problem on Jan 24, following a burst pipe due to works going on along the Pan Borneo Highway project site.

A week later, another pipe broke there � causing more inconvenience to local consumers.

Works are currently on-going to upgrade the road under the Serian Roundabout to Pantu Junction (SPJ) work package (WPC03) of the Pan Borneo Highway project.

Source: The Borneo Post