Lee Proposes Upgrading, Beautification Of Miri Tourist Information Centre To Give Visitors Richer Experience

MIRI: The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) here should be upgraded and beautified with a cheerful and hospitable landscape as it is the main destination for tourists to obtain information.

Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Lee Kim Shin made this suggestion when making a working visit to the centre yesterday.

The TIC here needs to be beautified with cheerful, green landscape and provide customer friendly service so that tourists are happy when they come here to get information to reflect our beautiful Miri, he said.

The Senadin assemblyman also proposed that the TIC and Miri City Council (MCC) jointly manage the landscape, repair and maintenance of the building and the surrounding area.

There are a few things in the TIC itself that need to be repaired, not to mention the gazebo next to this TIC and other things that would pose danger to visitors or the locals alike which need to be looked into, he stressed.

He said the centre received about 100 visitors per month to enquire about tourist attractions around Miri and among them were tourists from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and other countries.

They want to get information or maps on tourism products offered here, including national parks, food, and so forth and this is the place to visit, he explained.

He added that besides getting to the centre to obtain information, tourists could also access preliminary information on tourism products in Miri via online applications such as the Miri App introduced by MCC.

In January this year, the information centre received a total of 102 visitors while over the past year, a total of 1,250 visitors had come to the TIC.

In view of this, it is important that this information centre update information on the attractions in Miri to make it easier for tourists to get the latest information, he suggested.

Meanwhile, according to TIC manager Denva Ajeng Wan, some of the feedback they received from tourists was regarding transport problem to Mulu National Park (MNP).

Some tourists asked if there are other ways of going to MNP apart from the air services but looking at the time and distance, flight services are still the top choice for them over land and river, as it saves time, he said.

Source: The Borneo Post