KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) is committed in its quest to provide credible news and information to its subscribers through the use of its InfoLibNews service.

Its deputy editor-in-chief of Domestic News Service Mokhtar Hussain said as the news sphere becomes digitised, thus its InfoLibNews would become the epitome of information incorporating multimedia visuals and videos in its news delivery.

We (Bernama) are embarking on this as the whole world is shifting into becoming fully digitised and this is a way forward for Bernama, to be the hub for informative news on various issues/events in the country past and present.

That is why we have set up our Multimedia News Centre to deal with this demand and at the same time to advocate plans to converge the news room (comprising) Bernama’s three departments, namely the Multimedia Desk, Editorial Department and InfoLibNews, he said.

He said this after officiating the Explorasi@Databank Clientele Special For Februari organised by the InfoLibNews department which emphasised on the use of its databank offered by Bernama Library and Infolink Service (BLIS), at Wisma Bernama, here today.

InfoLibNews manager Hasnita Ibrahim, in her speech, said the programme was being held to introduce users to the items contained in the Databank module that was updated by InfoLibNews staff.

She said feedback from BLIS users showed many were still unaware of the existence of databank modules in the system, prompting her to take the initiative to organise the programme for users.

The Databank module brings together information on various fields of subject in Malaysia, including the latest information and archives such as government information, defence, accidents, judiciary, politics, elections, sports and more,’ she said.

Also present were representatives from the Malaysian Election Commission (EC) who gave briefings to Bernama staff on the election, which is a sub-module in the Databank.

Besides InfoLibNews, the programme is a collaboration of several units in Bernama, including MMD, Information and Communications Technology (TMK), Media and Database Division.

About 100 Bernama staff from each department attended the programme and participated in various activities organised such as InfoHunt, information sharing on ICT security, quizzes and questionaires on the use of the new version of BLIS as well as cooking demonstration from Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd (Adabi).NNN-BERNAMA

Source: NAM News Network