JAKARTA, Indonesia The superyacht Equanimity seized by the Indonesian authorities continues to be a hot topic among disseminators of false news and information.

One latest report by these purveyors of the fake news is that there was 3.5 trillion Rupiah (about RM1 billion) on board the vessel that was seized on Feb 28 in Bali.

Media reports alleged that the vessel was owned by Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho or better known as Jho Low.

Indonesian media reported that the false information was circulated through a Facebook account named Miyoyo allegedly owned by a Malaysian.

”Indonesian investigators found 1 billion ringgit kept neatly in Jo Lo’s vessel? went the question posed in the account.

Daniel Silitonga, the deputy director of economic and special crimes of the Indonesian Central Police Department, said such news circulating in Malaysia was false.

“I led the team that seized the vessel. We did not find any money, he was quoted as saying by the Indonesian media here.

Since the seizure of the Equanimity, various false claims have been circulating, one of which alleged that Jho Low had purchased the superyacht with US$250 million (about RM1 billion) from the Malaysian investment fund 1MDB.

Source: NAM News Network