Miri Needs Better Internet Bandwidth To Keep Up With Rapid Users’ Growth – Lee

MIRI: This city needs a bigger Internet bandwidth to accommodate the very high usage among and demand by online users, whether they are regular individuals like students and consumers, or the business community.

According to Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Lee Kim Shin, the need for better Internet coverage is not only for the city folk, but also for users from the outskirts.

At the moment, the bandwidth is limited but it has to cater to too many users � causing them to ‘queue’ for connection. This is what we are facing now at certain locations in Miri, he said during a press conference on ‘Unifi Development in Miri’ at the Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) office here yesterday.

Special officer to the assistant minister Eric Chin, TM Sarawak general manager Jafer Sadig Abdul Lathiff and TM Miri head Sharifah Bahiyah Wan Ibrahim were also present.

On the positive side, Lee noted that following the higher usage of Internet, TM has begun to replace the old copper cables with fibre optics � setting a new ‘gold standard’ in broadband speed.

He viewed bandwidth like a freeway and the data being cars.

The cars (data) travel at the same speed; so to get more data from the Internet to your computer faster, the freeway needs to be wider, he said.

In this regard, he also observed that another challenge with Internet connection in this city was the non-existence of ‘ducting’ (in-building cabling) at several housing and commercial areas.

I think it would be better if the utilities companies could work things out with the Land and Survey Department and the local council in addressing this ducting issue, he said.

In this regard, Lee suggested that a proper body comprising representatives of all utilities providers, be set up especially for new property development.

The ducting for Internet connection, he said, should be included in developments alongside the systems for water, electricity and even gas supply, before the project could kick off.

Another problem faced by TM here, Lee noted, was cable theft.

It is learnt that 70 cases were reported last year, which left TM with over RM300,000 in losses.

Lee called upon TM to identify areas where cable theft had been occurring frequently.

Moreover, he also wanted police and the relevant authorities including Sarawak Energy Bhd to conduct more patrols so that the culprits could be nabbed and brought to justice.

Earlier, the assistant minister and TM officials attended a session with members of Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the management committees of some local Chinese schools to gather ideas and feedback on Unifi development in areas within the old part of the city.

Source: Sarawak Government