Non-Muslims Partake In Slaughtering Of Sacrificial Cows

LONG LAMA, Baram: The significance of Hari Raya Aidiladha was shared with non-Muslims in Telang Usan constituency yesterday.

Comprising various ethnic groups, they were invited to witness the slaughtering of sacrificial animals by the Muslim community at the Darusalam Mosque, Long Lama.

The meat of three slaughtered cows was distributed to around 150 Muslims while the rest was given to non-Muslim residents around Long Lama.

Attending the sacrificial rite and distribution of the meat was Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau.

Chairman of the Darusalam Mosque, Datuk Abu Bakar Abdullah, hoped that the event would enhance the understanding of non-Muslims on Islam and the sacrificial rite performed every year.

Kapitan Yeo Kee Siang, who was also present, hoped that such activities continue to be organised not only to improve people’s understanding of the culture and beliefs of other races but also to foster racial unity and harmony.

Despite being deep in the interior, Telang Usan people continue to share and celebrate occasions that symbolise mutual understanding and unity.

Dennis handed over RM2,500 from his minor rural project (MRP) fund to the mosque committee for their activities and programmes.

I support all religious activities and events held in Telang Usan as we all want to uphold religious freedom and respect other religions.

Though Telang Usan is a predominantly Christian area with only small number of Muslims it is our duty to ensure other religions besides Christianity are practised freely in Telang Usan, he said.

Dennis was glad that even though the Muslim community in Telang Usan is very small they worked hard to organise many activities for their fellow Muslims in Long Lama.