KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Oct 10 (NNNBernama) Malaysia has called on the member states of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to engage in more impactful and substantive counter measures to prevent violent extremism.

In voicing Malaysia’s concern on the need for prevention of violent extremism at the 205th session of the executive board of UNESCO in Paris on Tuesday, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said more extensive efforts to promote peace and mutual respect amongst nations must be made.

As we seek peace and work towards sustainable development, children and youth all around the globe are vulnerable to seeds of violence.

They are exposed to ideologies that nurture hatred, and information or rather misinformation that can trigger unwanted reaction, he said when delivering the country’s statement at the meeting.

His text of speech was send here last night.

Maszlee added that while many were dealing with extremism as a means, Malaysia, however viewed it as part of the symptoms.

Hence, to defeat the violent extremism people must deal with root cause of it. Malaysia believes that to defeat the radical ideologies, we need a more impactful and substantive counter measures by extensively promoting peace and mutual respect amongst the nations, he said.

He also expressed Malaysia’s hope to see more promotion of intercultural dialogues, as part of advocacy and capacity development towards a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Source: NAM News Network