Antics of otter, saltwater crocodile entertain visitors at Langkawi Wildlife Park

LANGKAWI, Visitors at the Langkawi Wildlife Park (THLL) today were entertained by the antics of an otter raising a lantern on a two-metre pole and a saltwater crocodile unveiling a Chinese New Year (CNY)’s Gong Xi Fa Cai banner.

THLL manager Nur Hamzani Hamzah explained that the three-year-old male otter Asoka had been trained since birth, while the saltwater crocodile was lured by food to make the jump to snap open the banner.

She said the programme was an annual event organised by the park for the past eight years as part of CNY celebration.

THLL will also hold several other events for visitors to participate during the week such as feeding koi fish as well as crocodiles, she told reporters here today.

In conjunction with this year’s CNY celebration, THLL’s management also presented a new ‘home’ called ‘Wo De Jia, Wo De Tian Tang’ (my house my heaven) for nine otters in the park and it was officiated by park’s administrative manager Mazni Sahadan.

Meanwhile, visitor Lim Kok Hong said he and seven other family members decided to celebrate CNY in Langkawi.

There are eight of us from two families and this year we want to experience something different by celebrating CNY on this famous island.

The holiday here is more laid back, without traffic congestion, unlike the city and it is also easy to find food as many restaurants are still open, said Lim from Johor Bahru.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)