Surveying The Asian Philanthropy And Social Investment Sector: How Well Did Malaysia Do In 2018?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia found herself in the second cluster based on the performance of 15 Asian economies in the Doing Good Index (DGI). Instead of outright rankings, DGI measured the performance in terms of four clusters � Doing Well , Doing Better , Doing Okay , and Not Doing Enough . Each cluster represents the distance left to travel toward a conducive environment for doing good.

Joining Malaysia in the Doing Better cluster were Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam, all trailing behind Japan, Singapore and Taiwan who led the pack in the Doing Well cluster. In the third cluster, Doing Okay, were China, India and Pakistan while Indonesia and Myanmar were placed in the Not Doing Enough cluster. Overall, no economy has yet reached its full potential, even those in the Doing Well cluster. There is ample room for improvement across the board.

Source: NAM News Network