Independent committee on foreign workers management to roll out seven clusters

KUALA LUMPUR, The report from the Independent Committee on the Management of Foreign Workers which will be tabled in the Cabinet soon, will roll out seven clusters, which among others, will discuss the policy on foreign worker’s wages and emoluments, said Human Resources Minister M. Kula Segaran.

He said the report was the result of input and feedback from town hall sessions and eight sessions of focused discussions, held throughout the country involving the participation of academicians and members of the public.

Among the other clusters are policies on deportation, recruitment, illegal workers; stateless residents and refugees, and the right to justice, he said in reply to Su Keong Siong (PH-Kampar) during question time at the Dewan Rakyat sitting today.

Meanwhile, in answering other questions, his deputy Datuk Mahfuz Omar said under Section 19 of Act 265 (Employment Act 1955), the employer had to pay the employee’s salary within seven days from the stipulated date in a month.

It is compulsory for the employer to pay the salary within that seven days. it cannot be paid later than that. If the salary is paid on the eighth day, it will be an offence, he said when replying to Shaharizukirnain Abd Kadir (PAS-Setiu).