BookXcess gives former bank premises a new look

IPOH, A two-storey premises at Kong Heng Square here, left abandoned for more than 30 years after United Asian Bank Berhad vacated it, has been given a new look and now is now opened to the public as a book shop.

It now accommodates a book shop, known as BookXcess.

BookXcess founder, Andrew Yap said he decided to open BookXcess at Kong Heng Square because of its historic location.

The premises has been specially designed not just a place for book lovers, but also an attractive place for them to capture their pictures, with an old bank as the background.

The books are placed on safety deposit boxes and our customers can also get to see how a bank vault is, he said when met at the opening of the outlet here recently.

He said the books at the premises are cheaper, between 50 and 80 per cent cheaper than the market value.

Yap, who is also the founder of the Big Bad Wolf book sale, said he had also allocated a room, known as ‘Yasmin at Kong Heng to show case the work of the late film director, including the festive television advertisements that she produced.

Visitors will also get to dive into Yasmin’s mind by going through the computer which she used to type her ideas, as well as read the original script of her film ‘Sepet’ and ‘Wasurenegusa’, he added.

He said the shop is opened from 8 am to 10- pm.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)