Payvision records achievements, shifting into new era

KUALA LUMPUR, Payvision, a global payment fintech player has celebrated its one-year partnership with ING, with a brand-new visual and sonic identity, marking the company’s shift into a new era.

Last year, Payvision was fuelled by its strategic partnership with ING, a complete rebranding process and more than a 50 per cent increase in transaction volume, according to a statement.

There’s no better way to celebrate our first anniversary with ING than by redefining our DNA, reflecting the lively personality and creativity of the people behind the company, said Payvision chief executive officer, Rudolf Booker.

The ING-Payvision partnership has brought forward an exclusive blend of payments and banking products to the industry, positioning both companies as financial services powerhouses.

Payvision’s speedy growth paired with the addition of its affiliate company, Acapture, and strategic partnership with ING has also brought forward the need to redefine its brand position in the payments industry.

As part of the rebranding process, the Acapture platform was integrated under the new Payvision brand, uniting the payment solutions offered via Acapture with Payvision’s acquiring network, which encompasses the team’s creativity and energy to drive the company’s growth.

In addition, Payvision has worked with Saffron for the company’s visual identity to show its original personality through brand expression, and partnered MassiveMusic to define its sonic identity and bring the beat of payments to life.

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Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)