N9 Sungei Ujong Walk: platform for budding artistes to showcase talent

SEREMBAN, N9 Sungei Ujong Walk in Jalan Dr Murugesu here is seen as a platform for artistes in the state to exhibit and develop their talents through street performances held in the area.

Negeri Sembilan Women’s Affairs, Family and Welfare Committee chairman Nicole Tan Lee Koon in a statement today said, take an example of Sai Yeung Choit Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong which has made street performances a healthy culture, the same thing can be done in this state.

Many parents spend a lot of money sending their children to study various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, flute, saxophone, guzheng, erhu, tabla, sitar and veena.

It would be nice if these children can showcase their talents and hone their skills through street performances or busking. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to invite artistes to start performing at N9 Sungei Ujong Walk, said Nicole.

She said, Hong Kong’s famous artiste Anita Mui also started by doing street performances before going on to become a star.

Those who are keen could contact her or WhatsApp to 012-3626977, she added.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)