POCCM helps the disabled earn income online

KUALA LUMPUR, The Society of Chinese Disabled Persons in Malaysia (POCCM) today organised its first e-Commerce Workshop to help persons with disabilities (PWDs) conduct businesses online.

Its secretary-general, Sia Siew Chin said the two-day training attended by 15 people which began today gave the group more exposure to the latest technology which would allow them to work from home.

A total of 10 instructors from Jios Academy Sdn Bhd who were involved in the workshop taught participants about product selection, online courier services, developing start-up pages for businesses and customer resources.

“When exposed to this technology, the disabled will have the skills to do business online and they will not need to worry about problems such as getting transport to go to work, about the workplace environment and other workers’ attitudes (towards them),” he told reporters at the POCCM office in Puchong here, today.

According to Sia, the association intends to hold similar workshops in the future and welcomed more people from the target group to join.

“Ideally, we would like to get a big hall so they can learn more comfortably, and the hall would be more disabled-friendly,” he said, adding that the association had 1,700 members nationwide.

Meanwhile, Tan Geok Kian, 53, who is physically handicapped and requires walking aids said the workshop was beneficial as they were taught how to do business online and without any capital.

“This workshop teaches how to open a business from home, right from the beginning, to selecting a line of products as well as online platforms such as Ali Baba, Shoppe and so on.

“For those like me, if we were to look for work, there would be a lot of obstacles in terms of transportation and (getting) disabled-friendly facilities. This (online) business I can do without moving around much as I will be using the dropship method, where I will not need to go to the post office,” she said.

Kok Fook Loon, 50, or Allan Kok, who is wheelchair-bound because of a spinal problem, said the workshop would help the disabled people be more self-reliant and earn a substantial income if they were diligent and earnest.

“It is difficult and time consuming for me to move around. By doing business online via the dropship method, there is no need to store goods, and my working time would be more flexible because I do not have to go out, I just need the right marketing knowledge,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)