Melaka govt seeks RM10 million allocation to repair barrage system in Melaka River

MELAKA, The Melaka government is seeking an allocation of RM10 million from the Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry to repair three barrage gates at the Melaka River mouth, said it’s chief minister Adly Zahari.

He said the immediate repairs to fix the barrage system in the river was important to ensure rainwater can flow into the sea smoothly and as well as to avoid flash floods, especially in urban areas.

We hope the allocation can be approved soon to repair, and we also look forward to overcoming flash floods in Melaka, he told reporters after visiting the barrage gates at the river today following flash floods in several areas around the city due to heavy downpour last night.

Commenting further, Adly said the current modern system used to operate water control at the barrage gates should be reviewed as they are ineffective, compared to the conventional methods used before.

Besides the barrage system, he added the improper maintenance of the pump house in several locations was also another factor contributing to flash floods due to drains being clogged with rubbish and sacks.

The government would continue the phase-two pump house at the river and it was expected to fully function by August, he said, adding 68 victims involving 19 families were affected by floods yesterday.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)