Publication of ‘blue book’ should involve local experts, academicians – DBP

KUALA LUMPUR The intention by Chinese publishers to publish a ‘blue book’ on the history and development of Malaysia has to jointly involve experts and academicians from both Malaysia and China, said Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP).

DBP Board of Governors chairman, Prof Datuk Dr Mohamed Hatta Shaharom said this was to ensure the book would meet the needs and objectives of both parties and written based on facts.

A country’s history and development cannot be simply written, especially by foreign academicians who may manipulate the facts, without taking into account the perspective of local scholars and historians, he said in a statement today.

He drew attention to an event, the handing-over of a manuscript entitled A Look at the New Economics of the People’s Republic of China recently, where DBP made known its stand to not allow authors from China to write on the history and development of Malaysia without the collaboration of local experts.

Mohamed Hatta said DBP would provide a list of local experts and academicians who could contribute towards the publication of the ‘blue book’.

“In fact, this collaboration can be expanded to writing of books on both countries in terms of their economy, culture, language, history, science and technology, he added.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)