SmartStream reports importance of managing intraday liquidity to generate revenue

KUALA LUMPUR, SmartStream Technologies, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions provider has released a white paper to inform financial institutions of the regulatory pressures imposed on intraday liquidity requirements.

This has now moved beyond reporting positions to actively managing and controlling intraday liquidity to reduce costs and increase profitability, according to a statement.

The white paper, entitled ‘Intraday Liquidity Management: From a costs discussion to a revenue opportunity’, explores the benefits for financial institutions when transforming intraday discussions from an operational burden into adding true business value.

It also analyses how institutions can leverage next-generation technologies like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to achieve the goals of real-time and active management of global intraday liquidity.

The paper has reviewed the regulators’ views and the monitoring tools available, including stress testing scenarios, and discussing the current status of where banks are now with their monitoring of intraday liquidity.

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Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)