LokaTAG built-in toll reader for aftermarket launched

KUALA LUMPUR, LOKATECH Engineering Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with EFKON, the Austrian technology provider of Malaysia’s nationwide infra-red electronic toll collection system, has launched the first built-in toll reader for the aftermarket.

The LokaTAG built-in toll reader offers an alternative to the portable MaxTAG launched in October 2018.

EFKON Asia Sdn Bhd director, Helmuth Blasch said the company is constantly investing in research and development to enhance the features of the infra-red electronic toll readers, including equipping these devices with Bluetooth connectivity and voice alert capabilities in the future.

We expect the infra-red electronic toll collection system to continue playing a significant role in this country for years to come.

It has proven to be the most reliable, efficient, convenient and cost-effective cashless toll collection system in facilitating multi-lane traffic flow on Malaysian highways, he said in a statement today.

Developed in 1997 and rolled out across the country in 2005, the infra-red toll collection system on Malaysian highways is popularly known as SmartTAG.

Meanwhile, LOKATECH Engineering Sdn Bhd general manager Ng Shyh Kang believes there is tremendous potential in the untapped aftermarket segment.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)