MFL: Restructuring of broadcasting rights will also benefit smaller clubs

KUALA LUMPUR, The Malaysian Football League (MFL) has assured that the country’s smaller clubs will also benefit from the restructuring of broadcasting rights which takes effect next season.

MFL chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam said under the new structure, smaller clubs that did not have a huge fan base would not be left too far behind the bigger clubs in terms of income from the broadcasting rights.

“For example, a big club might get some of their income from supporters who contribute directly to the club while some of the contributions will be shared among all teams (who compete in the Malaysian League).

“So if the bigger clubs are more successful, the smaller clubs will also benefit. That’s the advantage of having a ‘centralised marketing’ programme the MFL is pursuing, “he said in a statement issued by MFL today.

Meanwhile, Kevin said he believed the new approach would not only benefit football, but also other sports in the country.

“MFL will try its best to be a leader in the local sports industry, he added.

MFL on Thursday announced the inclusion of Enervive Consultancy Sdn Bhd (EVC) as its new partner in the restructuring of Malaysian League (M-League) beginning 2020.

Through the programme, MFL will no longer have to depend on broadcasting companies to get payment rights for the M-League teams.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)