Thank you McCann, says Nik Muhammad Aiman

KUALA LUMPUR, The visit of Australian hockey legend Michael McCann has brought enormous benefits to the Malaysian Tigers in their mission to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

For striker, Nik Muhammad Aiman Nik Rozemi, McCann was not stingy in sharing his knowledge on a lot of techniques and ideas with players over a week in Malaysia.

“The attacking department learn a lot in terms of techniques, controlling space and McCann also taught us ,many easy positions to score,” he said when met at the Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium.

As a centre forward, Nik Muhammad Aiman said he would try to make a latitude change during an attack, which he learned from McCann.

In addition, Nik Muhammad Aiman noted that the legend also taught him to stay calm in a match.

“For me, the team have learned some good things from the Australian legend. Although it is only for a week, we have learned a lot.

“There are so many things we did not know before but we learned them last week,” he said.

Nik Muhammad Aiman hoped that the knowledge gained from the 41-year-old striker will positively benefit him and his teammates.

On the list of six selected strikers for the European tour, he noted that the selection is likely to strengthen and increase the attacking line-up in the future.

The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) sought the assistance of the former Olympics gold medalist for a week since July 1, in the quest to strengthen the national squad attacking line-up and to get ready for the European tour series and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games qualifier.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)