Felda United coach wants players to be more consistent

MELAKA, Felda United headcoach Mohd Nidzam Jamil has advised his players to be more consistent during matches and not to take it easy against their opponents despite having the lead.

He said this following his side’s 3-4 defeat to the Police in Group D of the Malaysia Cu, after being up 3-1 during the match.

“I think we need to change the way we play. The players were out of position and took it easy. Our passing play in the dying moments of the match was also not accurate, when the opponents were chasing, our players looked panicked.

“I’m not blaming the players but reproaching the way they played. If we think that having a 3-1 lead against the opposing team is enough, that’s a mistake. The final two to three minutes of the football match are very important,” he told reporters after the match at the Hang Jebat Stadium here, last night.

Mohd Nidzam said in a football match, a team should not rest on their laurels and remain focused until the final whistle even though the opponents were playing with 10 men.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged that the Police were the better team of the night after defending well with ten players, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if they got into the quarterfinal stage with such fighting spirit.

Felda United is scheduled to meet Melaka United at the Tun Abdul Razak Stadium in Jengka, Pahang, this Saturday.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)