LeddarTech launches Leddar Pixell for autonomous vehicles

KUALA LUMPUR, LeddarTech®, an industry leader in LiDAR technology has introduced the Leddar™ Pixell, a 3D flash LiDAR powered by the LCA2 LeddarEngine which is designed explicitly for autonomous vehicles.

Leddar™ Pixell provides highly dependable detection of pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles in the vehicle’s surroundings and is suitable for perception platforms that are developed to ensure the safety and protection of passengers and Vulnerable Road Users.

It is an optimal detection cocoon solution for autonomous vehicle deployment and has already been adopted by over a dozen leading autonomous vehicle providers in North America and Europe, according to a statement.

Leddar™ Pixell integrates LeddarTech’s patented technology embedded in the state-of-the-art LCA2 LeddarEngine™, which consists of a highly integrated LeddarCore™ SoC and LeddarSP digital signal processing software.

Today, LeddarTech officially unveils Leddar™ Pixell at CAV19 Canada in Ottawa, Canada; in Europe at Autosens Brussels from Sept 17 to 19; and in the US at Automotive LiDAR 2019 on Sept 25 and 26 in Detroit, Michigan.



Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)